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Brown's curriculum emphasizes individual freedom but that doesn't mean you have to navigate through your years at Brown all by yourself. Faculty advisors, deans, administrators, and even your peers are devoted to helping you during your college experience.

It is up to you to take the first step and reach out to these resources. The resources on this site are dedicated to supporting your academic success and enhancing all dimensions of your college experience.

Academic Advising

Located in University Hall, the Office of the Dean of the College oversees all aspects of the undergraduate academic experience at Brown, including International Certification Policies and Procedures. Deans hold open office hours every day.
The Graduate School deans and staff are available to assist graduate students and postdoctoral appointees. The associate dean for academic affairs is the primary contact for academic matters. Master's students should feel free to call on the associate dean for master's education. Associate deans for professional and student development are available to meet with students, as well.

Language Resources

The English Language Learning team offers workshops and individual appointments for students whose first language is not English. One-on-one writing appointments are also offered by graduate student writing associates who have special training in working with English language learners. For more information about ELL services, contact

Health Care and Insurance

The internet has a variety of helpful introductions to the role of insurance in health care in the United States.

Please note that these links are provided only for your convenience. Brown does not endorse these sites or their services. 

Additional Resources

Including emergency contacts, help for students in distress, information for students with exam conflicts due to religious observance and legal services.
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Since lawful F-1 visa status carries the automatic benefit of on-campus work privilege, working on campus may be the easiest place for international students to find employment.
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Go Beyond College Hill. Providence was one of the first cities in the United States to become industrialized, resulting in a sizeable immigrant community. This means that Providence is home to food markets, restaurants, and other vendors that feature international products.
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Brown’s open curriculum teaches you to navigate a diverse collection of disciplines, perspectives, and people. This diversity will not only open your mind but also expand your future horizons, preparing you for the range of careers that you will have in your lifetime.
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