Global Brown Center

Global Brown Lounge

The Globe (officially the “Global Brown Lounge”) is a dedicated space for Brown University’s international communities.

Opened in 2018, the Globe seeks to be a home away from home for our international students, scholars, visitors, and their chosen communities here at Brown. The Globe offers snacks, coffee, and tea for international students, as well as games, a printing station, and so much more.


The Globe is located in Page Robinson Hall, room 310. The space is open to all members of the community from 9:00am to 5:00pm, and available to international students and scholars after hours. All those who use the space after hours should be mindful of our community agreements. If you are an international student or scholar but do not have after hours swipe access, complete the After Hours Access Request form.

After Hours Access Request Form for The Globe

Study / Break

The Globe is a great place to study, catch up on your favorite TV shows, read a book for fun, or scroll through your phone when you need a break.


The GBC hosts many events in the lounge, from workshops to craft days to graduate specific events. The space is also bookable. You can book the space for a variety of reasons. Here are some examples: 

  • Affiliated student organizations hosting an event
  • Offices at Brown for programs that specifically support the international student community or global learning 
  • International students themselves (movie nights, birthday parties, anything that centers home and joy for international student communities!)

Book the Globe

If you would like to book the space, please contact with the following information: 

  • Date / Time
  • Title of Event or Meeting
  • Affiliation (office, organization, international student, etc) 
  • How does this event / meeting support the international community?